Megan Jordan is a former student of Monarch Community School, but it is unknown what happened to her, or where she transferred. She was the identical twin sister of Meagan Jordan. She had a crush on Lance Santura for a while, but they never made their casual relationship exclusive. 

Character HistoryEdit

Season 7Edit

Throughout her freshman year, she was passionate about becoming a rapper when she grows up. She had her own style of rapping, dressing, and of picking out sneakers. She made her debut when she partnered up with Lance for a lab experiment. She asked Lance to hold her hand and told him that her and Daynah went out before (which wasn't true) and she wanted to make him jealous. They were holding hands and many people started gossiping that she was dating the "new guy". 

Season 8Edit

After everything she had gone through last year, she decided she had enough stress on her mind as is, and she came back to Monarch as a 10th grader, and made it known that she doesn't want to be a rapper anymore.


  • She escaped from the Monarch fire. She was seen being carried out on Lance Santura's back.
  • She had a silent passion for rhyming, but gave up because she couldn't handle the harassment she was getting about being a "girl rapper".
  • Her sneaker collection included: Air Jordan Bred 11s, Air Jordan Olympic 6s, Air Jordan Cement 3s, and many others.