Daynah Cruiz (b. 1995) is a former student at Monarch Community School. He dated Ariana Kenya twice, and abused her both times. 

Character HistoryEdit

Season 7Edit

Daynah began his storyline as a 9th grader in Monarch Community School. He was rarely seen throughout this season except for in a few basketball games, and only had an effect in a plot after Let It Die (1) when he got into a fight with Lance Santura in his computer elective class. Daynah pulled out a knife, only for Lance to smack it out of his hand and put him in a coma. After Daynah revived from his coma, he was suspended for 2 months for pulling out a knife, which ended his appearances in Season 7.

Season 8Edit

He later makes a return when Ariana and Lance breakup, him and Ariana make up and date for a second time. However, people told him that he was a rebound, and while on a date with Ariana, he checked her phone to find Lance frequently texting her. After she came out of the bathroom, he was very upset and went a block away to a dark alley to cool off. Ariana mistakenly followed him to explain herself. Daynah, without letting her finish her sentence, threw a powerful punch to her face. After she could get a word out, he pushed her to the ground and kept punching her in the face. He then got up and kicked her in the face. He turned around to see Jay Santura pointing a gun at his head. Jay said "If you're not ready to die, I suggest you run." Daynah began running and Jay shot at his feet, purposely to miss and make him run faster.



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  • Ariana Kenya
    • First Relationship
      • Startup: prior to Season 8
      • Breakup: prior to Season 8
      • Reason: He was abusive.
    • Second Relationship
      • Startup: Bombshell (1)
      • Breakup: Bombshell (2)
      • Reason: He beat her up.