James Jahbari Brackson (b. 1995, in East Africa) (known in the rap game as Chief Moses) is a former student and graduate of Heath Community School. He had it all. He was the basketball star who still remains in the Heath Eagles Hall Of Fame, he was a genius in the studio as a gifted actor, rapper, singer, dancer, and master at the controls, and on top of it all, he was popular for being a very intelligent person, and knowing how to hack things, and go around the system. He was drafted into the NBA post graduation, but decided not to go because he had more of a love for rapping, and he was offered a record deal in a Miami studio, which would keep him close to home. He is married to his former classmate Ashia Chapman.

Character HistoryEdit

Season 1Edit

During the 1st season of the Heath series, he was mainly seen as a minor character, always playing basketball with the Santura triplets. 

Season 2Edit

He started getting his own storyline in Season 2, when he started 4th grade. His storyline begins as he develops a crush on a returning student named Ashia Chapman. 

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  • James was a pothead during his entire 6th and 7th grade year.
  • He didn't believe in any religions.


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  • Ashia Chapman
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  • (First Line): "Good morning chicos! Off my court!" (to Ej and Jj)
  • "The only person I believe in in this world is my god damn self! I ain't believing in somebody that says they created everybody on my planet, but then can't prove their existance. What type of bullshit is that?" (to Chris Aggrero) 
  • "I'm gonna keep on this conspiracy watch! I ain't letting this government conform me. My people have never given up, I'm not breaking that tradition!"